Tuesday, August 2, 2016

If You do Not Vote....You are Voting for Trump

If you supported Bernie Sanders you may feel disenfranchised and not want to vote for Hillary Clinton.  Don't shoot yourself in the foot and stay home.  Your lack of a vote will, in effect, be a vote for Donald Trump.  Who is more likely to work with Bernie on the things that matter to you?   

If that alone were not enough, doesn't the hypocrisy of those rabid Trump supporters bother you enough to keep him out of the White House?

  1. If Barack Obama had fathered five children by three different immigrant mothers and publicly bragged about committing adultery and engaging in what can only generously be referred to as "promiscuous behavior," including a battle with venereal diseases (which Trump likened to his personal "Vietnam War") what would you be saying about his character and fitness for office?
  2. If nude pictures of Michelle Obama were all over the internet, what would you be saying about her?  Reminder to the Christian Right -- you excoriated her for shamelessly wearing a sleeveless dress.
  3. If Hillary Clinton had openly encouraged the intelligence service of one of our main international rivals to hack Trump's emails in order to influence the election, would you be demanding that she be formally charged with treason?  How about if she also happened to have extensive business ties to that country?
  4. If Hillary Clinton had just publicly sneered at the family of a soldier who'd died in combat for his country, how outraged would you be?  If her response to that father's charge that she had, by comparison, "sacrificed nothing" was to say that she'd achieved great personal success as a businesswoman, how disgusted would you be?
  5. If Hillary Clinton had refused to release her tax returns as every other presidential candidate has done for decades, would you loudly proclaiming that she obviously had something to hide?  And please, refusing to release the transcripts of a few fawning speeches to big banks IS NOT THE SAME THING as withholding the legal statement of where your money comes from and goes, and how the taxes you've paid compare to the average working Joes you say you're championing.
  6. Does it bother you that the guy who wants to Make America Great Again has outsourced the production of many/most of the goods branded with his name to other countries?

Vote against Trump in November.